Hyderabad: GHMC embarks on the removal of Nalas sediments and outfalls

Before the monsoons, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) began removing sediment from the nalas and storm sewers. Aside from these works, citizenship is focused on safety measures near Nalas.

In the technical area of ​​the Kukatpally GHMC, the corporate wing carried out fencing and planting along the Nala in the district of Fathenagar below the Moosaper circle.

The works were inspected by the Kukatpally GHMC Area Commissioner, V Mamatha. He asked officials to expedite the work and finish it before the monsoon. He said to prevent people from dumping rubbish in the ditches, fences had been organized around them. The Nalas were developed as part of the Nala Strategic Development Plan (SNDP). Mamatha asked officials to ensure the pits are free of debris and that no construction materials are spilled in or around them. Civil Corps officials removed around two tons of garbage using earthworks from the nala of Fathenagar on Wednesday. The GHMC will continue with the desludging works to avoid overflowing of the Nalas during the monsoon. Officials warned the public not to defile the Nalas; if they are identified, they face severe penalties.

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