Is It Good To Invest In Ibrahimpatnam, Hyderabad

Investment in Residential open plots near Ibrahimpatnam continues to remain the most admired type of real estate investment in Telangana. The accessibility of land for sale is limited, but the demand for it is ever-increasing returns due to Pharmacity is going to give best ROI.

It is measured as the best area of Hyderabad for investment purpose, especially open plots. Ibrahimpatanam: The easy connectivity from Hyderabad to Ibrahimpatnam has provided an excellent opportunity for investment in open plots in this belt.

We have the Best HMDA Residential Open Plots with Housing Concept:

Open Plots: 20 Lakhs – 150 Sq Yds

Simplex Villa: 38 Lakhs – 150 Sq Yds – 700 Sft

Duplex Villa: 55 Lakhs – 150 Sq Yds – 1200 Sft

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Why You Need to Invest?

1.       Surrounded by Octopus (Commander Training Center In 500 Acres), BDL, NIA and many more Central Government Organization.

2.       Beside Naganpally Village – Adopted by Ramoji Rao Garu

3.       Opp to Siddhartha Engineering College

4.       3 Way Road connectivity

·         From Ibrahimpatnam town

·         From Ramoji Film City

·         Direct Bus Route – 150 ft Road to Choutuppal

5.       Textile Park in 130 Acres

6.       10 Mins Drive from Koheda Fruit Market & Eliminad Aero Space

7.       15 Min Drive from TCS & R.R Dist. Collectorate Office

Pharma city to come up on 19,000 acres, This cluster will be one of the biggest in the world, says KTR, About 8,000 acres has been allotted for the purpose

In the long term, investing in residential plots or properties is the most lucrative option not only in India but around the world. Buying an independent plot of land or open plot in Ibrahimpatnam means a supreme option to build a house of your own, depending on the family's needs and budget.

The fact that there is no shortage of options in plot developments in Ibrahimpatnam is an easy option for investors. The plots range in size from 150 sq. Yd to 2000 sq. Yd.

Regardless of size, the location also offers a wide price range to suit the large investor / customer base. Plots are readily available in Ibrahimpatnam in the broad budget range of Rs 20-30 lakhs.

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